Beauty and the Beast, Lost in A Book by Jennifer Donnelly

I’ve always loved the story of Beauty and the Beast so I was very excited to read this retelling with a twist. I felt good to be reunited with the adorable characters. My favorite are Mrs Potts and Chip. I love how the story was familiar yet different at the same time. It was like being in the original story but with more depth of the building relationship between Belle and the Beast. The story is about a bet placed by Love and Death. Love is certain that Belle will learn to love the Beast and break the curse set upon the castle many years ago. Death, who hates to lose will stop at nothing to prove Love wrong. She plays dirty by sneaking an enchanted book into the library that Belle loves spending all her time in. Belle soon discovers the enchanted book and steps into a whole other world full of adventure. All Belle wants to do is stay in the other world but things are not as they seem. Belle becomes trapped and must find a way to get back to the castle with her beloved friends and the Beast.

I gave this book four stars. I thought the book was well written and accurate to my vision of Beauty and the Beast. I would love to see another book come out on this story. I feel like there is so much more adventure that could be had for the characters. I could never get enough of the characters. I hope more of the life of Beauty and the Beast is produced.

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