How to Hang A Witch – Adriana Mathers

I was drawn to this book by the synopsis alone. I love any story that takes place in Salem. The story is about the descendants of the victims and accusers of the Salem Witch Trials. The town of Salem has been cursed ever since and various descendants die mysteriously over the years. It’s not until one descendants Samantha Mathers, related to Cotton Mathers, who played a big role in the witch trials, moves to Salem. Her arrival in Salem makes the curse much worse and she must team up with her enemies to break the curse and save their families.

I gave this book five stars. I was hooked, sucked in from the first chapter. I knew I was going to love the book after reading the first chapter. There are ghosts, witches and spells. I loved how the book described real places in Salem and provided a bit of history of the witch trials. Although the book is fiction, it was very informative. It also inspired me to finally make a trip to Salem and explore.

The author also wrote a second book called Haunting the Deep. It featured the same characters including the main character Samantha Cotton however it was more about being haunted by the ghosts of Titanic. I gave the book three stars. I loved the character but the whole Titanic plot kind of lost my interest a bit. I would still read any other books that are part of the series if another one came out.

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