Undead Girl Gang – Lily Anderson

Undead Girl Gang – Lily Anderson

I read the Undead Girl Gang by Lily Anderson. I received a signed annotated copy from Page Habit. The story is about a high schooler Mila whose best friend Riley was found dead in the local creek. Everyone thinks it was a suicide given that just a week prior, two other high schoolers, June and Dayton were found hung from a tree in a park. Mila is not convinced Riley would commit suicide and is adamant she was murdered. With no evidence to back up her theory, she turns to witchcraft to bring back Riley from the dead in hopes of solving the mystery but instead of bringing back just Riley, she also brings back June and Dayton. Together they become the Undead Girl Gang who start their own investigation on what happened.

This book gave us a wide range of emotion from funny, sad and disgusted. I would describe it as Hocus Pocus meets Sabrina the Teenage Witch meets the Breakfast Club. The plot had a lot of twists and turns and was unpredictable. The author did a great job on incorporating the topic of bullying and the negative outcomes that can come from bullying. I gave this book four stars and am definitely glad I read it.

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