Light Years by Kass Morgan

I received an advanced readers copy of Light Years by Kass Morgan in my Illumicrate book box subscription. I would describe the story as Sci Fi Young Adult. It made me think of Star Wars meet Degrassi Jr High. The story is about an Academy in space that takes in several students from various different planets. These students train to become part of the space military to protect against attacks from enemy species. Throughout the story, students of different planets clash while having to work together in teams as part of their training. There is drama, secrets and romance all blended in with a bit of adventure. The character development was so good that I was emotionally invested in each one of them. The story was well written and the ending left me begging for more. I’m hoping for a sequel because I feel like they definitely left room for one. I gave this book five stars. I was a little hesitant to read this one because I’m not big into sci fi but this book had the perfect balance. I would definitely read more from this author.

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